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All day, every day, all year round

Friday morning, 6.30.

The alarm clock rings. The house slowly comes to life. Breakfast, then off to school in the Panama.

7.45 AM

First stop: primary school.

7.55 AM

Second stop: nursery.

8.00 AM

Off to the office. Excitement for what the weekend will bring this Friday morning.

12.45 AM

Quick trip to the surf shop in the Panama to pick up some gear. The conditions should be perfect for riding some great waves.

6.10 PM

First playlist to get everybody in the mood.

8.20 PM

Arrival at the site. The sun sets. The waves crash. Sea as far as the eye can see, and the roof open to embrace the stars.

1.45 PM

Quick shift in the office to finish up the last projects.

6.05 PM

The whole family is onboard, the luggage safely stowed, the cupboards full, the fridge too.

Lifeproof & lifestyle

PANAMA: a name synonymous with adventure, which also perfectly meets the demands of a busy life.

Important features

7 registered seats (P\12)

Two seats on a swivel base and a comfortable bench seat with 2 ISOFIX mounts (for child seats) as standard. Positioned on a rail, it can be easily moved to accommodate your bulky items.

A van with a bright, spacious pop-up roof

Thanks to its 3 zipped openings and reading lights, for a comfortable night.

Optimised design

For guaranteed all-year-round use thanks to its reinforced thermal insulation and soundproofing (including XPS insulation on the floor) and interior window insulation as standard.

No space is wasted in our compact vans

With ample storage, and a removable table which slides into the sliding door or can be set up outside of the van using the support included.

Innovative furniture

In decorative structural panelling ("Compact" monobloc), offering exceptional resistance to impacts and water, combined with easy-to-clean ABS trim.

A fully-equipped converted van

Hob with 2 burners, sink, refrigerator with freezer, water outlet with shower head, USB and 12 V/220 V sockets.

A dedicated site and team

Our PANAMA converted vans have their own dedicated production site and team, and also benefit from the expertise of the Trigano group.


Trigano Group Logo


Panama is a brand of the TRIGANO group – the European leisure equipment specialist.