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The advantages of the fully-fitted Panama van

14 June 2022

At ease during the week and at the weekend

For daily use, the fully-fitted Panama van can replace a traditional car. The fact that you can use it every day and get away at the weekend is one of its (numerous) strengths. Discover some of its advantages below

Like a car…

The Panama van is an urban vehicle, ideal for taking the kids to school or going to work. Thanks to its moderate size, it offers you all the agility of a car to go anywhere you want.

… and a little more than a van

With a boot volume of up to 2,200 L and impact-resistant surfaces, your everyday partner is also ideal for doing a big shopping or transporting bulky objects: bikes, new furniture, pushchairs, bulky equipment… nothing is too much for the Panama van!

For an original way of sleeping?

You have been invited to a party and you already know that it will be a late night:

The Panama van not only gets you there, but it also allows you to sleep on-site in complete safety without having to drive home immediately.

And of course, to get away at the weekend!

You live a full life and your deserve a little rest. At the weekend, the vehicle you have used all week is also your ideal companion when you head off for a new adventure.

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