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Our 5 tips before setting off in your van

11 January 2022

Discover everything you need to know before setting off on an adventure. Your working week is at an end, you’re heading home and thinking about your weekend away:

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1. Remember to secure everything.

Your little house moves around, which is why you can’t leave anything lying loose in the van: your backpacks needs to be stowed, your books and tablets should be in their designated space and the cupboards must be closed correctly. If not, as soon as you hit the mountains, it will be clear what you didn’t fasten down.

2. Live economically in your vehicle

One of the golden rules when living in your van: resources are limited. You will learn how to wash the dishes economically and use techniques to consume as little water as possible (no more 20-minute showers). The same is true of your electricity consumption, which is why you will need to adopt an economical mindset.

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3. Find the ideal spot to sleep in complete safety

Finding the perfect place before sundown is part of the adventure in a van: you won’t know exactly where you’ll spend the night, so you will need to take a moment to select the ideal spot. But once you’ve found it, with the sea stretching away to the horizon and the roof up, you’ll be ready to be one with the stars.

4. Live your days to a different beat

When travelling/living in your van, you need to be organised and manage your time precisely: plan things to do, find places to stop, do the shopping, fill the tank and empty what needs emptying. You will learn to maximise the pleasure of travelling by van while remaining as flexible as possible to cope with any surprises!

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5. Experience freedom

With everyone on-board as you drive along with the wind in your hair admiring the heavenly scenery unfolding before your eyes, enjoy your freedom, sleep wherever you want and look forward to some wonderful encounters…

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